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Goat Cheese

No good goat cheese, without a good goat milk. Our goat cheese is hand scooped and turned. It gets the time to achieve the right taste. In a combination with herbs and sunflower oil it is perfect as a seasoning  in dishes. more inspiration >


Premium assortment

The natural way of production gives our cheese a nice character. Packed with 100% sunflower oil and without preservatives, colorants and flavoring. Besides the natural goat cheese we offer the chef (at home) a variety of tastes >


Our Molkerei

De Molkerei stands for artisanal goat cheese delicacies of the  Wadden Sea and for filled tapas with goat cheese and cream cheese. Premium quality, pure taste, pure ingredients, attention for people and the environment, that is the basis. discover De Molkerei >

De Molkerei

The success of De Molkerei can be explained by the premium quality of our delicacies of goat cheese from the province of Friesland.

Delivering real quality stands central in our daily life, this stands for our production of cheese and for the production of Mediterranean Specialties. We aim to have a sustainable relation with our local suppliers.

De Molkerei operates under the supervision of COKZ  –  Central Organ for quality in dairy – working under HACCP. The Mediterranean Specialties production in Sint Annaparochie has a BRC certification.

All natural premium goatcheese

Every day De Molkerei  produces goat cheese from fresh goat milk under the brand name Naturels. This name refers to the natural production methods and the name of the producer- Mrs Els Hartog-Brugman. In her own way she gives a special character to the taste of the cheese of De Molkerei.

The cheese can be used in various recipes.  The cheese is produced without preservatives, colorants and flavouring. The cheese is packed in synthetic or glass jars, all with sunflower oil for a shelf lift of 3-6 months.



Distinctive Mediterranean Specialties

Goat cheese and cream cheese are very suitable for producing distinctive Mediterranean Specialties and other delicacies like our petit Croquet goat cheese. Our cheese goes perfect with vegetables and meats.

In the mixing section of our production we enrich the cheese with herbs to make it the perfect tasteful filling of Mediterranean specialties. More tapas >


Meet our goats

A long time ago Els started with 1 goat, but in a short while the population grew to 50 goats. That was the moment to start the production of goat cheese.

Nowadays the fresh goat milk is collected at the goat farm Meekma from Deinum, Friesland. Els had her first goat from this farm. Meet our goats >


The Wadden Sea – Cultural Heritage

Every day we produce our goat dairy on the banks of the Wadden Sea.

De Molkerei embraces her traditional production methods and the fair preparation of the tapas. We get our daily inspiration from the natural environment of the Wadden Sea. Also discover the Waddenzee >