Broodje Bewust Leeuwarden

Broodje Bewust Leeuwarden

We would like to introduce ourselves to you: we are Tjitske and Fabian, the faces behind “Broodje Bewust”.

For a long time we have the dream to start an organic deli in the centre of Leeuwarden. For ourselves we are preoccupied with food and health and our opinion is that the real essence of food is only to find little back into our daily lives. Our food is manipulated with strange additives, so-called ’improvers’, of which we often do not know what it actually is or where they come from. Our planet is victim of our consumable madness and also our own health is hereby at risk, even though we do not notice it directly. Fortunately we notice around us that people are becoming more conscious of food. There are more and more scandals coming to light and more is known about certain ingredients and additives.

In Leeuwarden we missed a place where you in any way totally do not have to worry about what you put in your mouth. A place where you are sure that you eat no strange additives, eat no meat from animals that have had a cruel life and where you can eat and drink carefree products that are close to nature and origin.



We realized this place. Inspired by self-service bakeries which you can find many in Germany and Austria, we have created our own concept “Broodje Bewust”, a perception shop where you can choose from delicious and organic lunch products entirely at your own pace.


We hope to see you soon at Broodje Bewust!

Fresh goat cheese salad: fresh lettuces, tomato, cucumber, goat cheese from De Molkerei, walnuts and a home-made honey-balsamic dressing. This salad is available at “Broodje Bewust” in Leeuwarden.


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