Goat Cheese at the Sea

Goat Cheese at the Sea

Colum Of Nico Peper

Amsterdam, November 2013

Goat Cheese at the Sea…….. what does that say? It becomes clear in the following story.

Let us go back to the past. In the early seventies I had some specialty shops in the heart of Amsterdam. Common was cheese from Gouda, Edam or Leiden, other varieties were hardly known. Slowly but surely French cheese gained interest. In that time the consumers of goat cheese were shoppers in the alternative circuit, it was too unknown. We, Dutch people, only eat what we know.

I remember the entrance in my shop of a dressed up gentleman from Aalsmeer, North Holland. He told me that he had 2 goats and that he made small cheeses of 500gr of their milk. His total production was 15 cheeses a week and he asked me to sell them. After testing I became a fan and we sold them with  a lot of success

In this period there were also other hobbyists in the province of Friesland: Jaap and Els Hartog. They  also had some goats and also made cheese. Nowadays it is not a hobby anymore, they process 200.000L goat milk annually. I am talking about DE MOLKEREI.

The factory is located in Bildtzijl and is situated on the banks of the Wadden Sea which gives their cheese het wonderful taste. Same as the salt ‘lamb ears’ from the dikes of Zealand. The Taggiasca olive also gets his salty flavor from the sea in Luguria. Now you know why our tapas are so fantastic; they are mostly filled with goat cheese from the Sea.

This gives you a story to tell your customers why tapas from ENRICO/DE MOLKEREI are more tasty than the competition. Els and her daughter Hedy like to tell you more about their goat cheese varieties. Their telephone number is +31 518 421306. You can also visit the website at: www.demolkerei.nl.

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