Grade “Excellent” with five stars for BRC certification

Grade “Excellent” with five stars for BRC certification

For the fifth time in a row Qlip received the grade “Excellent” 5 stars with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) for its BRC certification in the dairy product .

BRC assess, as part of its ” Integrity Program ” twice a year, the certifying bodies . This is done on the basis of five different Key Performance Indicators ( KPI ). In this way, BRC wants to ensure that the audits are performed unambiguously and with high quality work regardless product, country , institution or auditor . Important criteria were quality , reporting , timely completion and participation in training.

The BRC has been prepared by the UK retail which aims for uniform requirements and assessments of food suppliers in the UK set . These standards have been followed in the Netherlands and many other parts of Europe . BRC is a standard to guarantee quality, production and food safety. The standard describes the hygiene and food safety requirements for food processors who supply the retail sector .

With a BRC certificate, the producer indicates that the whole process meets the stated requirements.    A large number of retailers and supermarket chains in the Netherlands and abroad require their suppliers to have a BRC certificate . Worldwide there are 80 institutions that are accredited to BRC . In total there are more than 11o dairy farms in the Netherlands BRC certified.

Since 2001 Qlip is accredited for BRC . Qlip annually carries over 70 BRC audits of dairies . With the excellent gradation Qlip guarantees the highest quality BRC services for its customers and its customers .


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