Recipe for a Sunny “Sea” salad

Recipe for a Sunny “Sea” salad

Ingredients for 2 people:
• 1 lettuce    • 4 potatoes   • 125g smoked salmon ( slices 0.5 cm thick)
• 100 grams of fresh salmon   • 50g small peeled prawns
• 100 grams of goat cheese   • 2 tomatoes
• 4 eggs   • 1 onion   • 1 lemon or lime
• 1 clove of garlic   • 0,125 l  low fat yogurt
• 0,125 l mayonnaise   • Tomato Ketchup
• Soy sauce   • Olive oil   • Flour   • Salt and pepper


Rinse the lettuce and cut into small strips (0.5 cm wide and 5 cm long)
Cut the smoked salmon into small cubes ( 0.5 * 0.5cm )
Cut the fresh salmon into cubes ( 2 * 2cm ) and sprinkle with salt and pepper
Cut the goat cheese into small cubes ( 1 * 1cm ) (or buy pre-cut cubes )
Cut the tomatoes into small cubes ( 1 * 1cm )
Boil 2 eggs hard-boiled and cut into small cubes ( 1.5 * 1.5 )
Wash the potatoes, boil them unpeeled till almost cooked with a little bit of salt and let them cool down. Cut them with skin into wedges 2.5 cm

Mix the fresh salmon into the flour mixture and fry them crispy in olive oil along with the garlic and prawns
Add in the last 25 ounces smoked salmon briefly and cool down.
Mix the yogurt and mayonnaise with a little tomato ketchup and soy sauce
Mix all the cubes and almost all of the dressing with the lettuce and squeeze the lemon over the salad.
Save a little dressing.
Fry the potato slices in olive oil crispy.

Divide the salad in the middle of two dinner plates and arrange the potatoes around it
Poach two eggs gently , put each into two halves on the salad and cover with the remaining dressing.

Bon appetit! ( Wine: Chardonnay )

Source: Ida Visservice

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