Crème bruleé of goat cheese with walnuts and ice cream of Wadden mustard

Crème Brule of goat cheese


• Cream 5 dl

• Milk 2 ½ dl

• Egg yolks 7

• Goat cheese  125 gram

• Cane sugar to burn off


Warm everything a little and good. Poor into desired form. Cook it done in a hot water tray at 120 degrees in 25 minutes. Stiffen in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Sprinkle with cane sugar and burn off with a torch.

Ice cream of Wadden mustard


For 1 litre ice:

Milk ½ litre

Vanilla pod 1

Caster sugar 210 gram

Egg yolks 6

Cream 0,4 litre

Wadden mustard 123 gram


Bring the milk to a boil with half the sugar and the vanilla pod. Take the pan off the heat and let the vanilla pod soak. Whisk the egg yolks light with the rest of the sugar. Put the pan back on the heat. When the milk boils, add it whisking little by little to the egg yolks. Add this mixture to the rest. Keep stirring with a spatula until the base is done. The mixture should definitely not cook! When the mustard is added to the cream the boiling process stops. Poor into a container and let it cool off in a refrigerator. Turn it up in an ice cream maker.


Let 200 gram of walnuts soak in the milk.

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