Mediterranean Specialties

Mediterranean Specialties

Goat cheese and cream cheese are used in all kinds of tapas. Next to this we make tapenades and marinate all kinds of Mediterranean vegetables like sun dried tomatoes in herb oil.

In the mixing department the goat cheese is combined with herbs to get the full taste, after which it can be used directly as a nice filling for peppers and salami. This process is done by our team of dedicated women, day after day. Our modern packing machine efficiently packs the tapas with sunflower oil in buckets, plastic containers or cups with top seal.


For several years De Molkerei  and Enrico are having a successful cooperation for all kind of specialities of goat cheese in the Benelux market. The cooperation contains the following elements:

• The development of unique tapas and other delicacies by both parties
• De Molkerei concentrates on the production
• Enrico concentrates on marketing, sales and distribution in the Benelux

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