The Molkerei’s Goat cheese with Seaweed

The Molkerei’s Goat cheese with Seaweed

Els has a cheese factory near the Wadden Sea. They started with one goat, but with milk from one goat, you’d make little cheese. Meanwhile they purchase the goat milk from a farmer nearby. In your box: their latest invention, goat cheese with seaweed

First lamb

After her first goat Els grew its goat population into 50 because she wanted to do something with milk, she started to focus on cheese making. That went so well that her own goats could no longer meet the demand. Now she purchases the milk for her cheese at Goat farm / Family Meekma from Deinum, a village nearby the Molkerei. Fun fact, for there was her first goat lamb from.

 Cheese production

For the production of cheese, the raw milk is stored in the cooling tank, after which it is processed immediately. After pasteurization, there rennet is added. The solid components (curd) is scooped in a cheese mold with the hand. This form will be turned at least twice, again by hand. This creates the special structure, quite unlike pressed cheese.

Goat cheese with seaweed

The goat cheese gets three days to mature. In the course of time they have made exciting combinations. Goat Cheese with green herbs, garlic and onion or tapenade. Their latest invention therefore, seaweed, is in your box. With a layer of sunflower oil over it, and a nice packaging..  and that’s it!


The Molkerei delivers to land markets and various other small cheese/delicacy shops. If you want to order six or more jars that also possible online via their website.

Source: FoodWeLove

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