The Taggiasca olive

The Taggiasca olive

The Taggiasca olive is a cultivated olive typical for the Liguria area. The olive is named to the city of Taggia where it was introduced.
Monks from the islands St Columbian brought cuttings of the olive tree into the city from which it spread out over the whole of Italy. Cultivation stayed largest in Liguria and today it is one of the most known olives for both olive oil and table olives.

They are small in size but high in quality and delicate taste. Very recognizable for their soft texture, their tones of nuts and the little bitterness. Great as an appetizer.


Cultivation & Crop

Although the Taggiasca olive is sensible to changing circumstances it has a constant high yield. The form of the olive is oval,  a little bit thick at the basis. The unique odor of ripe fruits can be characterized as fruity, spicy with traces of  pine kernels  and almonds. Due to the high oil contents (25-26%) the olive is very suitable for the production of olive oil. Since 1997 the name of the origin is protected and attached to the extra virgin olive oil “Riviera Ligure DOP”.

The Taggiasca olive matures in January, very late compared to other varieties who mature in October. The olives are collected traditionally by hand with long stick, nowadays more and more mechanically.


Taggiasca olives are used in traditional Italian dishes, more specific from Liguria. Both with fish and meat the results are unique. Popular are braised rabbit, lamb with olives and roast beef with olive sauce. Not to forget the lovely crostini’s with a tapenade of Taggiasca olives.

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