Wadden Sea

Honest and Pure

The Wadden Sea is only 500 metres away from our cheese production. This unique area is on the list of UNESCO as a real cultural heritage. The pureness and the natural character of our goat cheese reflects the way we want to produce our delicacies: honest and pure of taste.

To be ont the World Heritage Site of UNESCO, the area has to be very special. It must have unique nature values, it must be protected well and it must be intact and original. The Wadden Sea is unique in its kind in all 3 aspects!

Young and Original

The Wadden Sea is still young. It originated 7000 years ago after the last Ice Age but even today the area of dunes and sandbanks is constantly changing. The dynamics of this area are unique; it is still possible to see landscapes in different  stages of development as if we are still in the Ice Age.

Wonderfully dynamic

In her oqn way, the Wadden Sea shows how nature, plants and animals adapt to the changing daily circumstances. At the cross roads of fresh and salt water, at places where you can find deposits of mud and sand, at places with changing tides and wind, there you can find remarkable adapted species of plants and animals.

The Wadden Sea has many faces which makes it a unique spot for all kinds of  plants and animals to setlle, to breed, to grow up or to rest on a long trip.

Rare varied

The richness of the Wadden Sea is extraordinary. Not only for the permanent inhabitants but also for the visitors, each year around 10-12 million birds. On land and in the water there are around 10.000 different species of plants and animals, something you won’t find anywhere else in the whole world.