The Wadden Sea is less than five hundred meters away from the cheese factory. It is a unique area that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The purity and natural character of the area are also reflected in the way we want to make our goat cheese delicacies: honest and pure in taste.

To be on the UNESCO World Heritage List, an area must be very special. It must have unique natural values, be intact and be guaranteed of good protection. The Wadden Sea has proved to be unique in its kind in no less than three natural features!



The wadden area is still young. It originated after the last ice age some 7000 years ago, but sandbanks and dunes are being formed and demolished at a rapid pace even today. The dynamics of the area are unique. You still come across landscapes in all phases of development. You can see and experience how landscapes originated in the ice age every day.



The Wadden Sea shows in its own unique way how nature, plants and animals constantly adapt to the daily changing conditions on the tidal flat. You will find ingeniously adapted plants and animals here This is a place where fresh river water mixes with salty seawater. Processes such as tides, wind and the deposition of sand and mud are still present.
Because of its many faces, the Wadden Sea offers a wonderful variety for plants and animals to live, breed, suckle, grow up, moult or rest.



The wealth of life in the Wadden Sea is exceptional. You will not only find many permanent residents, but also many visitors. No less than 10 to 12 million migratory birds make use of the Wadden region every year. And did you know that around 10,000 different plants and animals live on land and in the water? You will not find such an enormous variation as in the Wadden Sea anywhere else in the world!

“Our love for the goat, passion for taste and region are the motivation to produce the best, artisanal Frisian goat cheese. We want to interest more consumers for specialties made of goatmilk”

Els Hartog

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